Reasons to Choose

​​​Time is Precious!

​​​​It's All in the Details!

♥   Exclusive Events believes it’s all in the details. We work with our customers to incorporate personal touches that         are important to them and create a vision that is Exclusive.

♥    Our prices are individualized which means no package prices charging you for additional services you don’t


♥    Exclusive Events has a large inventory of décor to create the look you envision.

♥    Our previous customers have said that we go above and beyond what is expected.

Reasons to Choose

 ♥   Weddings are a celebration with family and friends. Decorating requires a significant amount of time (several             hours) that would cut into your time with them. Let Exclusive Events provide all your decorative details so you           can focus on those life moments with family and friends.

   Planning a fundraiser or public event? This takes a lot of time planning and organizing and the day of the event

​       can be hectic in trying to make sure everything comes together. Exclusive Events can help with you with one

​       less thing to worry about.

♥   Most often you are not allowed to get in to decorate until the day of your reception/event – if you’re lucky                    sometimes the night before. Do you really want to ad more to your tight schedule of hair, make-up, photos,                rehearsal dinner, and enjoying time with family and friends?

♥   If there is something scheduled at your venue the day after your reception/event you will need to take down all          the décor the night of your reception/event. After party? Exhausted and ready to call it a night? Bummer….you          need to take down and load up all your décor. Why not just let Exclusive Events worry about it!

♥    Planning a wedding or event can be fun, but also stressful. All you need to do is give Exclusive Events                          ideas/pictures of your vision and - poof - we will spend all the time:

-          designing and preparing the arrangements/decor

-          creating the vision of your dreams

-          setting up and taking down the décor